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Trainers Black Nuzlocke Episode 11 by Cinamonskyguy
Trainers Black Nuzlocke Episode 11
Hey guys! It feels sooooooo good to be back with this nuzlocke!
Man its been like 2 years but this whole story is still so fresh in my mind!

Those of you who are new to this Nuzlocke, welcome!
This is the first episode of my 2nd arc for this comic so I encourage you to go back and read the previous episodes which are on my page!

Im so, so happy to be back and everyone be prepared for some crazy plot stuff. I mean it.
Okay so yanno the way I was going on about me doing notes for Trainers Nuzlocke? Well they were just notes.
I'm actually writing a script for the comic too! Currently writing the script for the second Arc!
I'm enjoying this but I've missed the characters soooo much!
Expect more Updates soon. Episode 11 should be up soon!
I know its been like what? Two years since I've updated the nuzlocje?
Probably everyone that cared about it is gone but..... I've decided to take the 'fuck it' approach.
I'm bringing Back Trainer and the Gang.
For the past 3 days I've been writing notes (Because my old ones are long gone and so is the original save.)
I've also been working on plot and story ALOT.
The story I have will be running through a few different adventure its pretty fricken huge.
And Trainers adventure was always meant to be the one to get everything into motion.
I played through this adventure probably 3ish years ago and to date its still my favorite Nuzlocke I've ever done.

So yeah to those of you who still care about this, Thank you. I've missed the DA community alot and I've missed doing what I do best.
Drawing a spikey ginger and his rag tag crew of pokemon. (Even though everyone else draws them better)
There is Method to finding a Soul Mate.
There are many calculations to be done.

How many people are in your city?
How many are of the opposite sex?
How many do you enjoy being around?
How many are single?

All these questions can be calculated and the Probability of finding a Soul Mate can be figured out. So Romance is a game of Numbers.
And like all games people cheat.

People are also Methodical about finding romance. There is strategy in Romance.

Generally one must create an illusion of grace. 
Appear confident yet gentle.
There are also the small flirtations.

Love is always said to be like an Uphill battle but when you master the strategy its feels like you're going up that hill in a range rover.
However, when you get to the top you realise theres a road and you've run out of gas.
Common interests are like the Gas of human relationships. You wont get very far without them.
Maybe if you push. (but no one likes doing that.)

There is one defining factor in finding a Soul Mate that goes beyond any simple calculation.
It goes beyond any questions.
It is the perfect game. Some win and some lose.
There is no method. It is wild.

This defining factor?
The love you share.

You can go on with your life and let Love be just another Calculated risk.
Or you can enjoy it.
Because in the end only two things matter.
You and them.

If love is theory
Then your soul mate is the solution.

Mature Content

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''Kurt? KURT?!'' Blaine cried as his head errupted from under the water.

Blaine quickly looked around for his missing boyfriend all the while grabbing onto debris to help keep him afloat.
He managed to find a large suitcase and hoisted himself on top of it. He looked around again, his vantage point being much better as water wasn't hitting him in the face.
He looked into the distance and saw an Island that was not too far away. Blaine knew he had to think of his own safety and who knows, Kurt could also very well be on the Island.
Panicing because something brushed against his leg Blaine kicked away what turned out to be Uniques lifeless body. Shocked, Blaine attempted to paddle away from the watery grave 
of one of his friends.


Santana woke up from the searing pain she felt coming from her right shoulder. She looked towards the shoulder and was terrified to see a Jagged piece of Metal protruding from it.
A vaguely familiar face appeared over Santanas damaged body. Santana was confused, not sure if she was just dazed from the pain or if she could genuinely not remember the guys name.

''Oh good, You're alive'' the vaguely familiar guy said with a relieved smile. '' Now, this is gonna hurt like a bitch''

With that the guy pressed against Santana's arm and pulled out the Jagged piece of metal. Santana howled in pain the guy was right. It did hurt like a bitch.
Straight after Santana's arm was metal free Blood started quickly flowing from it. The vaguely familiar guy produced a white t-shirt which he placed firmly over the wound.
He then took Santana's left hand and placed it on the shirt.

''Keep pressure on the wound, I'll be back in a minute'' the vaguely Familiar guy said in a much calmer tone.

As the guy ran back down the beach Santana shouted after him ''What are you doing?''

'' Trying to save lives'' the guy shouted back and then continued running until he was back in the water.

Santana looked around to see the aftermath of the crash. It was terrifying and heart-wrenching to see the broken bodies of some of her friends. She figured that there were two things she could do.
One, Give up and cry.
Or two, help.
Santana figured she'd go with the latter... That was until she saw Brittany. Her eyes were open but no life remained. Her body lay limp on the golden sand of the beach. Santana forgot about the pain in 
her shoulder but the pain in heart Heart made her feel like she was dying.
Crash 01: First Fright
Just a new thing I've started writing.
In the same Vein as 'Lost'.
Probably for an older audience since there will be some death in this.
OCs are being included for plot progression and stuff
There wont be any SYOC


David Kavanagh
Hey guys my name is David or Dave if you like. People round these parts also call me cinamon because well.. thats my username and such. Anyways I draw things like most people on the site albeit Im not very good. Im currently doing a pokemon Black Nuzlocke flash comic so you guys should all check that out! I'd love any and all feedback.
So if you enjoy what you see here and want to see more just watch!

Current Residence: Dublin, ireland
Print preference: couldnt really care
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite style of art: anime
Okay so yanno the way I was going on about me doing notes for Trainers Nuzlocke? Well they were just notes.
I'm actually writing a script for the comic too! Currently writing the script for the second Arc!
I'm enjoying this but I've missed the characters soooo much!
Expect more Updates soon. Episode 11 should be up soon!

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